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Standard Fall Protection Bags

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If you are interested in purchasing your own fall protection safety bags then please contact us either on 0191 460 0826 or send an email to:

Standard Fall bag technical info:

  • Source materials: free flowing cushioning material made from expanded polystyrene with high compressive creep and recovery properties. Expanded into a “figure of 8” shape.
  • Outer fabric: constructed from1650/1800 Denier tear-resistant, man-made fabric being low of weight (0.1Kgm-2), and of low tensile strength (1.7 MNm-3).
  • Dimensions: Length 2500 mm Height 600 mm Width 600 mm

Download the Standard Fall Bag Installation Guide & Method Statement


Lorry Bags from Fall Protection

The Fall Protection Lorry Bag is produced to provide protection to operatives involved in loading or unloading vehicles, particularly on or above the load bed. It offers the potential of reducing the dangers of a fall by providing an energy absorbing area surrounding the vehicle.

  • Lorry Bags have a 2.5 year life expectancy and an inspection is carried out at this point to ensure suitability for continuous use. Repairs can be carried out during the 2.5 year life on site if required.
  • Flame Retardant Lorry Bag outer casings will be available shortly, and flame retardant fill can be supplied as a purchase option if required. The material used in manufacture is coated to resist water penetration and enhances substantially the durability of the product.
  • The materials within the Lorry Bag have been subjected to the same stringent tests by the National Engineering Laboratory as our standard Fall Protection System.
  • Full installation training, certification, Risk Assessments, Method Statments and test data are all available to substantiate the product usage.
  • Lorry Bags measure 2500mm long x 1800mm deep x 1200mm high, and can be supplied with your company logo if desired.
  • Lorry Bags are delivered ready to use and require no pumps/power sources of any kind. They are low maintenance, providing a cost effective way of fall arrest from vehicles.

Lorry Bag Installation Guide

  1. Place bag to side of vehicle
  2. Fit claw hooks to side raves
  3. Adjust strap & tension to fit tightly
  4. Clip bags together & secure hook to rave
  5. Continue to assemble the bags around the vehicle
  6. Use the strap provided to clip the rear bag to the slide
  7. Competent person needs to check the final installation before use
  8. Adjust the hook so that it is tight against the cam buckle

Lorry Bag technical info:

  • Dimensions: 2500 x 1800 x 1200mm.

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If you are interesting in purchasing your own Lorry Bags then please contact us either on 0191 460 0826 or send an email to:

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