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The Swaledek Fall Protection & Platform System

Swaledek fall prevention and work platform system provides an innovative fall prevention system and working platform. The platform will be erected by qualified swaledek erectors. Swaledek has been re tested in November 2014 in accordance with EN 12811-1:2003  to safely withstand 2.5kN per square metre loading and conforms to a class 3 platform.

With Swaledek there is no pressure applied on the wallplate or brickwork as would apply with a safety net and the system relies on support from the floor using the walls and bracing gates solely for lateral stability.

The system is not restricted to maximum spans and areas before becoming effective. Swaldek can be erected to an unlimited area within and enclosed zone. The strength of the system is derived from supports at every panel corner on posts supported off the floor slab or timber lining.

The decks and components of Swaledek are made of durable hardwearing plastics that are water, rot and UV resistant, non-tear or susceptible to chemicals damage, durable in handling and low in maintenance cost.

Swaledek allows the platform to start at two metres from the floor, creating a distance to fall of less than half a metre from an average wall plate and creates a useful working platform for placing of trusses, concrete beams etc. It is a distinct advantage when working in roof trusses where a fall could exceed the two metre limit whilst working in the apex.

Storage area of normal size house area of 50m’ = 2.5m.

Swaledek panels measure 1.2m x 1m x 45mm and can be stacked and banded safely in packs of 25 (30 m2) for transportation around the site by forklift or crane for hoisting onto loading bays at the desired floor level.

Swaledek is easy to inspect on a daily basis prior to being used by visually inspecting of the components in place and ensuring that there are no components on the floor and that all panels are flush and legs are straight.

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